How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

Medical Marijuana Card Process Begins with your Physician

One of the biggest questions is, How to get a Medical Marijuana Card? Marijuana Cards are obtained through a process that begins with a visit to your general physician. Relationships with physicians that are long lasting help to improve the quality and recommendation process by signaling trust and authority. If you have a illness that is listed as a medical condition eligible for cannabis under your state law, medical records outlining your ailments will help your case in the eyes of your state government in terms of acquiring a medical marijuana card. In many instances, your physician is not experienced with cannabis to understand its healing properties. From here, you will have to search for a licensed doctor that will look at your records to determine if cannabis is an avenue you should explore for your ailments.

Why Marijuana Doctors are Important

Marijuana Doctors are physicians experienced with recommending marijuana as a medical alternative. Marijuana Doctors can help you determine if cannabis is a healing alternative you may want to further examine. If you are able to find a physician experienced with cannabis and willing to schedule an appointment with you, the next step to obtaining a marijuana card would be to acquire previous medical records. In many instances, a doctor is not permitted to see a patient without a previous medical history outlining their medical conditions. By having previous medical records from your general physician, you allow the cannabis physician to complete his job more effectively. With the entirety of information available, the physician can make a more informed decision regarding your medical condition, the issuance of a marijuana card and the use of its healing properties.

Check with your Local Laws First

If receiving a marijuana card from the State Department, you will be permitted to obtain or cultivate cannabis. Check with your local legislation regarding access to cannabis. Each jurisdiction varies and sometimes, obtaining medicine can be quite difficult. For example, Nevada has been a medical marijuana state since 2001 however, their laws make it illegal for citizens to open a dispensary or medical delivery service. As of 2013, legislators are finally working on bills to allow for medical medical marijuana access points for patients that need their medicine.

Marijuana Cards are Quite Useful

Marijuana Cards are quite useful in many respects. Namely, they provide legitimacy for using a holistic alternative treatment without fear of state prosecution and the social stigma that is associated with individuals unaware of the vegetative delight. Secondly, marijuana cards provide documentation of a medical condition necessitating marijuana for treatment. This allows patients to enter cannabis wellness centers to choose from a variety of strains, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and drinks that best help with that particular medical ailment. If you have any questions regarding getting a marijuana card, the good folks at may be able to assist you.

How to Get a Marijuana Card

In conclusion, the answer to “How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card?” starts with a visit to your physician to determine if you may benefit from the healing properties of the cannabis plant. Acquiring a marijuana card is pretty similar across all 18 states and Washington DC. One of the main differences in each state rests largely on the medical conditions that are approved for a marijuana card and the personal use of the herb. A patients ability to get a marijuana card is the proof he or she can provide in the form of medical records that documents suffering and pain.