State Marijuana Cards

Marijuana Card Requirements by State

Submitting to the marijuana card requirements of your state is an opportunity to engage in an alternative healing treatment option that was unavailable and frowned upon just a few short years ago. Marijuana refers to the cannabis plant for its intended use as a psychoactive drug and a medicine. Chemically, the cannabis plant has 483 known compounds including 84 types of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are a group of chemical compounds that activate the cannabinoid receptors within mammalian species. Traditionally, the cannabis plant has a long history of medical use with evidence that dates back to China circa 2700 B.C. Medical Cannabis was one of the 50 Herbs of Traditional Chinese medicine and prescribed for a broad range of indications.

More recently Cannabis has experienced a cultural shift whereby the majority of Americans believe that the federal government’s efforts against marijuana “cost more than they are worth” according to an April 2013 LA times article. But on two issues, opinion is more uniform according to a Pew Research Poll: the belief that current enforcement efforts are not worth the cost, and acceptance of the idea that marijuana has legitimate medical uses. By 77% to 16%, poll respondents said they agree on that, with support for medical marijuana cutting across partisan and generation lines.

With California pioneering the legitimate legal use of medical cannabis in 1996, more and more states have awoken to the extraordinary benefits of the cannabis plant. Medical Marijuana legislation permitting the legal use of cannabis for patients with debilitating conditions has allowed people to engage in an effective treatment without fear of incarceration from their state government. Patients who find relief from suffering can cultivate and ingest cannabis in their food without fear of losing their homes. Its a change from the draconian drug laws that has ruined the lives of so many patient with medical conditions. By simply abiding by the medical marijuana card requirements, a patient can obtain peace of mind and focus on what is really important; beginning their journey to healing.

States with Medical Cannabis legislation have marijuana card requirements that citizens must abide by to be considered as a patient of the program. Marijuana card requirements vary by state so the legislation is not uniform across the United States.  Each state has different qualifying conditions that outlines what types of illnesses patients must have to obtain a marijuana card. The requirements are of a debilitating condition that creates a daily amount of suffering for the patient and interferes with their daily tasks.

Currently 18  States and the District of Colombia has some form of medicinal cannabis legislation that outlines their marijuana card requirements to obtain medical cannabis for qualifying medical conditions. As of 5.02.2013 they are as follow: